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Hi, my name's Bill, and I'm proud to say that I'm a RAT LOVER. Rats are amazingly intelligent, interactive, loyal and affectionate. What's more, they are cuddly, warm and soft, and loving! In fact, I think that keeping rats as pets is probably the best choice that I made.

I created this website to provide information on pet rats, in the hopes of educating more people on how great pets rats make, and also to give existing rat owners useful and helpful information about their pet rats. I hope you like it!

Some people may cringe at the thought of a rat as a pet. I know some people who hate how the rats' tail looks, but I assure you, rats make fantastic pets! Check out the section on why you should choose a rat as your pet.

I wasn't into rats at the start. I knew I wanted a pet rodent for the company and entertainment, but I wasn't looking for rats - it didn't even cross my mind!Read more about how I grew to love pet rats in my Pet Rats Journal!

A pet rat exploring the outsides

Rats are very soft and warm, and look just like a plump puppy. Adult rats (about six months) are a good sized animal to handle. They're not too big like a dog, but not too small like a mouse.

My rats are about the size of a baseball when they tuck their nose under their bellies (which they do a lot, usually when they're resting or sleeping - really cute!). See some of my Pet Rats Photos & Pictures!

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