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Pet Rats - 100 Reasons Why Pet Rats Rock!!

Ok, here's what you've all been waiting for.. THE 100 REASONS WHY RATS ROCK!

100. How important they make you feel.

99. How their nose twitches.

98. How they step up on their hind feet and sniff the air.

97. How if you give them a piece of food they don't like they just drop it and look at you like "huh?"

96. How they climb to the top of the cage and back down just to follow your finger.

95. How much they love food.

94. How cute they look when they sleep.

93. How every rat has its own mind.

92. How every rat has its own colors.

91. How, no matter how freaked out everyone else gets by them, albino's don't get freaked out by us.

90. How soft they are.

89. How fuzzy they are.

88. How cute black hooded rats are.

87. How they love playing in paper towels and wrapping paper.

86. How cute they look when they wake up.

85. The way they lick your fingers.

84. You get to give them baths =D

83. How high they jump when they are taking a bath.

82. How they try to climb into your shirt.

81. How they climb in your hair and sleep in there.

80. How they can turn a regular old cardboard box into a spiffy new home (wish I could do that).

79. The way they stand on the water bottle.

78. The way they never give up.

76. How, if they find one, they look out the window.

75. How they shake when they are scared.

74. How they fall asleep in your arms.

73. How when they are sick they come over and lick your hand even though they are weak.

72. How their tails wrap around your finger.

71. How they explore everything.

70. How much they love getting their pictures taken.

69. How some rats are shy and other are outgoing.

68. How happy they are to see you.

67. How they sleep piled on top of each other.

66. How glad you are that they aren't snake food.

65. How quick they can find a treat.

64. How they love to be petted.

63. How if you put them on the keyboard they type.

62. How much they don't look like stuffed animal rats.

61. How funny but cute hairless rats look.

60. How rats can organize a mining mission if necessary.

59. How rats are such good beggars for treats.

58. How rats stick their heads into everything.

57. <:3(#~~)~~~ <--How cute that is.

56. How, no matter how annoying it seems, they playfight each other at night.

55. How they find their way everywhere and anywhere.

54. How worried about them we get when they are sick.

53. How adorable agouti's are.

52. How big dumbo rats ears are.

51. How they make nests.

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50. How you can talk to them about stuff.

49. How people get so amazed by them.

48. How they have such little paws.

47. How they learn their names.

46. How they stare at books like they are reading them.

45. How cute their names are.

44. How every individual hair on a rats body is different then the one next to it.

43. How some rats are fat and some are skinny.

42. How at rat shows they have contests like "Most inquisitive rat".

41. How some people are scared of rats.

40. How the rats sold at Halloween make me laugh.

39. How much we miss a rat that has died.

38. How cute a rats face is.

37. How cool a rats tail is.

36. How smart rats are.

35. How rats chew on everything.

34. How when rats fight on their hind legs it looks like they are dancing.

33. How they are sweet, affectionate and friendly. (submitted by CARA)

32. How people are always interested in them because they are an unusual thing. (submitted by CARA)

31. They love you and are cool and smart! (submitted by CARA)

30. How much rats bring people together and how many friends you can make by owning them.

29. How much the ratlist rocks.

28. How quick the rats shred up toilet paper.

27. How when I think of a fire going on in my house I think of how I would save the rats first.

26. How you can tell a rat owners house from a nonrat owners house easily.

25. How if I run out of rat food I make the rattie special and its fun =D

24. How fun rats are.

23. How cool it is to make toys and houses for rats.

22. How rats smile.

21. How rats always know.

20. How different girl and boy rats are.

19. How rats stretch and yawn when they wake up.

18. How you can just TELL when rats are laughing at you.

17. How you see a wild rat and go "awwwww" since you think of your rats at home.

16. How cute baby rats are.

15. How cute rats are when they help eachother.

14. Rats spelled backwards is staR =D

13. If my name was Tara Star it would be "ratS a raT" backwards.

12. Rats are so unique, they always surprise you.

11. There's no such thing as going to the pet shop "just to get some rat food." Usually you end up getting what could've been snake food with it. hehe

10. The fact that I've mad 90 reasons of why rats rock in 15 minutes.

9. They distract me from my homework, which is good, and I can always use the excuse "The rats ate my homework!" because it's usually true!

8. They like to listen to music.

7. My friends are obsessed with them.

6. They are like having my own little kids.

5. They are so cute when they groom theirselves.

4. How if you come into the room they are sleeping in too loudly they will waddle out of their nest, look at you, and go back in.

3. How CUTE they are.

2. How CURIOUS they are.

and number one..

1. HOW THEY MAKE SUCH GREAT PETS!!! last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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