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Pet Rats - What Is The Best Cage For Rats?

Best Wire Cage For Pet Rats

This has to be the best wire cage for pet rats.

I have gone through 3 cages, and I have to say that this cage is just PERFECT for keeping pet rats! It is so big that your pet rats have more than enough space to run about and explore. It is also incredibly easy to clean, with large enough doors, which is SO IMPORTANT. The wide doors (at the side and top) allow for easy feeding and petting of your rats. This is great because some cages only have side doors, so you have to reach in all the way (not that good when you're talking about energetic little ratties!)

The wire cage also means that you can hang hammocks or other toys easily -- you can't do that with aquariums. And every once in a while, I change the position of their "furniture" and toys so that my ratties don't get bored.

My previous cage had plastic platforms and a base that was too shallow. That caused a lot of litter to be kicked out all the time, and urine to collect on the upper plastic platforms. This cage has NONE of those problems! The base is deep enough so all the bedding stays in, and the wire flooring/platforms mean that the urine just drips to the bedding below.

You might have heard that wire floors are bad for pet rats but apparently it is fine as long as the wired floor poses no danger of trapping and hurting your pet rats' feet. This wire cage is great because the wire floor is just right, and best of all, the bars are of just the right spacing as well, so even baby rats won't be able to pass through them.

The castors also allow you to move the cage whenever you need to, so if you need to move it to hose the cage down occassionally, or if you want to bring your rats to a different area, it's all so easy when their rat cage is mobile.

I can't recommend this wire cage highly enough!

This cage comes in 2 versions -- both are of the small base area. The only difference is their height. The smaller one is only 3 levels high, while the taller one is 5 levels high. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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