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Pet Rats - Information About Pet Rats Grooming and Cleanliness

Cleaning and Grooming

Rats are extremely clean creatures, spending almost a third of their waking life grooming!

Cleaning Your Rats' Tank/Cage

The frequency with which the tank/cage should be cleaned depends on its design, the materials out of which it is made, and the number of rats it houses.

As a general rule of thumb, however, the tank/cage and all "furniture" should be cleaned and disinfected once weekly. The food and water containers should optimally be cleaned and disinfected once daily. More than one set of containers should be maintained, and the soiled set should be washed in a dishwasher, if possible.

Baby hooded pet rat after grooming and cleaning itself

Vigorous scrubbing of the tank/cage and "furniture" with hot water and soap and a thorough rinse should be followed by the use of a disinfectant. Vinegar is often required to remove the scale deposited by rats' urine.

Changing The Bedding in Their Tank/Cage

Changing the bedding (wood shavings, pellets, tissues, kitchen towels, etc.) in your rats' tank/cage every few days will prevent them from becoming too smelly.

If you change the bedding daily you may find that your rats' cage becomes smellier: rats can become insecure when "their" smell is removed, and may ramp up urination in order to mark their territory. This is particularly true in cages of bucks. Leaving a few bits of smelly bedding in with the new bedding can help to reassure your rats. Likewise, it can sometimes be helpful to sprinkle a little of the dirty substrate (shavings/Bio-Catolet etc.) back into cage after it has been cleaned so that it smells like "home" to its occupants.

It is also a good idea to give your rats a bowl of water every now and again, as mentioned above, so that they can wash themselves. Some rats will love this. In the summer they will enjoy paddling to cool down; a heavy crockery dog or cat bowl works well for this.

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