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Pet Rats - Trimming Your Rats' Nails!

Trimming A Rat's Nails

Some rat owners like to have their pets' nails trimmed regularly. This can be quite difficult and for the first time it is helpful to visit a vet or an experienced rat owner - a show can be a great opportunity for this - and ask them to show you how to do it.

Pet rat nail cutter / trimmer

Some people use regular human nail trimmers, but from my experience the "animal nail clippers" work better since they are rounded, just like the rat nails are. If your pet rats allow you to, you can even use a nail file on them!

two pet rats

In order to tell if your pet rats' nails are overgrown or to long, look at their nails, Their nails should start off on the feet pink and as they get longer you should notice on the tips a white part, trim that off, be careful not to cut their nails to short, it will cause the rat pain and bleeding.

Styptic powder (anti-bleeding) is a useful thing to keep on hand if you intend to cut your rats' nails, as accidentally nicking the vein inside the nail can cause serious blood loss.

Alternatively, you can prevent your rats' nails from growing too long by putting a large (cleaned) stone or brick in your rats' cage for them to climb on. This will naturally wear down their nails.

Nail Clipper for Small Animals

Nail clippers for small animals should come with a safety bar to prevent over cutting with stainless steet safety lock. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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