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Pet Rats - Cleaning Your Pet Rat's Tail

Cleaning A Rat's Tail

Rat tails are not supposed to be scaly, dirty and rough looking. Rat tails are supposed to be smooth and clean! It is important to keep your rats tails clean as small abscesses or puss filled small red bumps can form from being unclean.

Some rats have long tails which are longer then their bodies, while some rats have short tails that are not as long as their bodies. Some rats have very thick wide tails, while others have small thin tails.

Remember rats drag their tails behind them so dirt, urine, food and other messy things can get all over the rats tail, so cleaning the rats tail frequently is necessary. This is especially true since some rats do not clean their tails thoroughly. This can develop dark stains or patches on their tails.

If you wish to clean your rat's tail, you can do so with a washcloth, toothbrush or scrub-brush, and either a gentle soap / animal shampoo, or bicarbonate of soda.

Cleaning Your Pet Rats' Tails

Wet the tail and apply the soap / shampoo / soda. Very gently stroke the rat's tail with the dampened toothbrush, or rubbing with your fingers, brushing away from the body towards the tip of the tail. Do not brush your rat's tail roughly as this can damage or even remove the delicate skin and hairs on the tail, and can be very painful for the rat. Try to wash the rats tail lightly and not be to rough, Sometimes the tail can be very stubborn about coming clean.

Try washing their tails upwards towards their bodies to help. (But be careful, they have sensitive tails.)

To help clean the rats tail more easily, i have found if you lather the soap on the tail and let it sit for a few minutes and then proceed to clean it, the grime comes off a little easier. But don't be overly worried about trying to get the rats completely clean, just a light cleaning is perfectly fine.

To remove the dead scales on rat tails more effectively, try brushing in the other direction (i.e. brushing their tails upwards towards their bodies). However be careful, as rats have sensitive tails. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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