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Pet Rats - Trimming Rat Teeth

Trimming Overgrown Rat Teeth

Rats will rarely need their teeth trimmed if they are eating and chewing properly. Overgrown teeth are most common if the rat knocks its teeth out of line by falling or getting injured. The rat's eating habits are slowed or effected due to old age.

In rare instances some rats can be born with misaligned teeth as well.

Rats do not have nerves in their teeth so the trimming does not hurt them. However, do not trim your rats teeth to short, as bleeding and pain may occur for your rat.

Do I Need to Trim My Rat's Teeth?

If you notice your rats teeth becoming overgrown and long, try to give them lots of bones, wood and hard foods to chew on to try to help file the teeth down.

If a rats teeth are growing too fast and they are not naturally grinding them on their own, it is very important you get their teeth trimmed as soon as possible. If the teeth are left untrimmed they can overgrow into the rats upper or lower jaw, and can cause severe pain, abscesses and eventually could result in death.

How to Trim Rats' Teeth

Adorable pet rat

Using a small animal nail trimmer, trim off the tips of the teeth -try to make them even and not jagged, but if you can't get them completely straight, don't worry about it as they should be able to grind them down by themselves.

Be careful not to cut the rats lip, tongue or possible finger that may get in the way.

Teeth trimming from my experience is not a one person job, you will need one person to hold the rat's body and arms still, while the other person holds the rats mouth open and tries to trim the teeth.

A few people have had success trimming rats teeth by taking an old sock, and cutting a small hole in the end large enough to cover the rats teeth. This can then be used to stick the rats teeth through the hole and start trimming. By using this method, it also insures the rats tongue will be out of the way and safe.

Best Time To Trim Rats' Teeth

It is best to try to trim teeth, right after the rat wakes up, rather than when they are running around and fully awake. If they are groggy this will give you a few extra minutes of time before they start fighting you off. If the rat won't allow you to trim their teeth all at one time or are fighting you off, than let the rat go and try again in a little while after they settle down.

Nail Clipper for Small Animals

Nail clippers for small animals should come with a safety bar to prevent over cutting with stainless steet safety lock. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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