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Pet Rats - Toys and accessories for your lovely ratties!

Rats are like dogs but in a rat body, you can train them, play games, the fun is endless. Rats are amazingly intelligent, and love to play and solve puzzles. It keeps them entertained!

Baby rats enjoy playing with toys and each other, whilst adult rats tend to use toys for sleeping in or on and reserve their play for humans or other rats. Small toys intended for hamsters or gerbils are good for baby rats. Toys intended for ferrets and parrots are also generally safe and suitable for rats.

Exercise Wheels for Rats

Some rats will run on wheels, but usually they are not interested in them -- probably because they are too intelligent. Wheels with spokes are dangerous -- legs, tails, or even heads can be damaged in them as one tries to jump on while another is running. Read more about Exercise Wheels for Your Pet Rats

Stuff a small treat into a sealed toilet paper roll. Or you can hang a piece of food on the ceiling of their cage and they would have to climb the walls to get to it. Be creative! Make sure that their cage has plenty of things for them to climb on and explore in.

The list of games and toys to make is endless when it comes to rats. It all comes down to your creativity really! Here are a few ideas:

  • Hammock

    Pets rats toy idea - a nice cosy hammock!

    There are many tutorials on the web on how to make hammocks for your pet rats. I think the simplest way is to grab some material, a decent size but any size you want and 4 paper clips. Attach the 4 paper clips to each corner then hang it in the cage. Some rats will ignore it, most will love lazing around in it, especially the boys.

    If you want a better quality hammock, you can buy one too.

    Cozy Hammock

    Cozy Hammock is the perfect playtime accessory for rats, ferrets and other critters providing a comfortable spot to snuggle and nap after fun and play. The Cozy Hammock even has a fleece lining so your critter will be extra comfortable while napping! Cozy Hammock comes with four strong clips so you can position and safely attach your it to any wire pet home.

  • Natural Planks

    Itís a good idea to have a lot of different things in a rats home for them to climb on. Thick branches cut short enough to fit in a home, about 5cm thick are ideal.

  • Bricks

    If the size of the home permits it is a good idea to have a brick in their home. They help keep you rats nails short and blunt.

  • Presents

    Why should they miss out? Get a few small boxes or make your own, and put some food in them. Make some small holes in the boxes so they rats can smell the food easily. Even give it a bow with some ribbon (make sure you donít want to use it again unless you want some decorative chew marks in it). They will have a ball getting to the food.

  • Toilet paper

    Works with only wire cages. Lay toilet paper on top of the home. The rats will grab it through the bars, rip it up and drag it into their boxes. My rats start pulling their bag of food in if I keep it too close to their cage!

  • Mazes

    One can become very creative in this area. Be warned though; make you maze walls tall enough so they canít get out. Make sure to add hidden treats and obstacles so itís not a boring maze. Tubes, boxes, use anything to make it. Stay away from store bought mouse tunnels, they are not big enough for rats.

  • Fishing for peas

    Get a shallow bowl, put some frozen peas in the bottom and fill it with water. It should be shallow enough so the rats ears are not submerged. They will fish for the peas. Itís a great way to keep them cool in summer. Some rats enjoy it, some don't...

  • Boxes of all sorts

    A rat home cannot go without a box, as simple as that. It just cannot be. It would be against the almighty rat rule book if there was one. Any boxes, small boxes, big boxes, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, light bulb boxes, any box! Try this: Cut a door into a shoebox, and fill it with shredded newspaper :) Your pet rats will love climbing in it, digging, and sleeping inside.

  • Fancy pet rats playing with their homemade rat toys
  • Digging in the dirt

    This one is somewhat messy. Grab a non-plastic plant pot, preferably somewhat shallow and rectangle. Get some sterilized potting mix and bird seeds. Plant the bird seeds and leave for a couple of days until there are shoots then plunk in into your rats home. They will dig for the non-shooted seeds and eat them and have a lot of fun in the dirt. The shoots should hold most of the dirt in though.

  • Exercise wheels

    Exercise wheels are great for entertaining your rats and keeping them healthy and in shape, especially if your rats don't have the chance to run about a free-range area much. Read more about Exercise Wheels for Your Pet Rats.

  • Comfort Wheel Giant

    Super Pet's Giant Comfort Wheel is perfectly sized for cruising chinchillas or physically fit pet rats. The Giant Comfort Wheel also provides a fun fitness experience for guinea pigs and ferrets. The Comfort Wheel features a safe solid running surface quiet operation and a "tail-safe" design allowing pets an easy entrance and exit. Every Comfort Wheel comes with a heavy duty wire stand and a 2-way attachment clip so the wheel can be used either free-standing or clipped to a wire cage.

  • Newspapers

    Shredded newspaper is also a great toy--rats will have fun ripping it apart and building a nest with it. Avoid the pages with colored inks.

  • PVC pipes and tubes

    You can also purchase large plastic plumbing tubes at home improvement stores (like Home Depot) very cheaply. You can connect these together to make tunnels and such.

  • FerreTrail Fuzz-E-Funnel

    Fuzz e funnel connect twist and create new ways to fun. Great for ferrets bunnies pet rats and guinea pigs. Fuzz e funnel is the fleece lined flexible tunnel of fun. Stretches to 33 inches of extra exciting exploration space. Connects end to end to other fuzz e funnels and to funnels for endless possibilities. Fleece lined fabric.

  • Rope climbing

    Pets rats toy idea - a nice diy homemade climbing rope!

    Rats can climb horizontal and vertical ropes. You can supply these in their cage or set up one outside their cage. At first they may need to be encouraged to climb up or along with a treat.

    Buy ready-made ropes from a pet shop or hardware store, or make them yourself by plaiting lengths of fabric together. Learn how to Braid/Plait a Climbing Rope for Your Pet Rats.

Other Rat Toy Ideas

Pets rats toy idea - a ceramic cup or mug!

Other simple ideas are:

  • Ladders
  • Scratching posts
  • Parrot toys
  • Igloos
  • Rags
  • Chew toys such as rawhide bones for dogs
  • Paddlepop sticks
  • Catnip toys
  • T-shirts for your rats to hide in and shred

Critter Ka-Bob

Give your pet rat a chew treat in style with a Critter Ka-bob! Each Ka-bob comes with two FREE pieces of wood chews! The twist-off end allows you to add or replace any of Super Pet's exclusively drilled Wood Chews Salt Savors and Lava Bites. Ka-bobs come with a clip that easily connects and secures them to any wire cage In addition to all the different cool chews Ka-bobs can hold each Ka-bob comes with a big silver bell on the end so you can hear your critter having fun!

Most store bought pet toys are suitable, but remember that rats love to chew, so make sure they have no pieces that could come off and cause the rats to choke. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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