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Rat Proofing Your House

Once your rats are used to you, make sure you know where your rats are while they roam free range, and rat-proof any room that they are let loose in.

Rat-proofing requires a little common sense, but need not become a major DIY project!

Many rats will scent-mark 'their' territory with tiny drops of urine and you may want to keep a 'rat-blanket' to throw over soft furnishings when the rats are out.

Electrical cords that cannot be kept out of reach of small teeth should be covered with aquarium tubing which can be bought cheaply from most pet-shops, or hosepipe; it is easiest to slit the tubing along its length and feed the flex into it.

Rat Proofing Your House

Rats will also chew books, clothes, pencils and other items, and are adept at knocking things over.

Breakables and valuable possessions should be put out of harm's reach while your rats are out and about.

Make sure that windows and doors are closed, and that there are no possible escape routes. Rats can fit through tiny holes, so you should check for cracks along skirting boards, between floor-boards etc.

It is strongly advised that you do not wear shoes while your rats roam free-range.

Some house plants can be poisonous (check on the list of food and plants to avoid), and rats often enjoy climbing plants and digging in plant pots - so it is probably most sensible to keep plants away from your rats. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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