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Pet Rats - Taming, teaching and training rats!

Potty/Toilet Training Your Rats

I think the hardest thing to train your rat is toilet/potty/litter training. My two young male rats took 4 weeks before they got properly toilet trained. However, it is well worth the effort because in the end it will save you alot of money on bedding.

Often this training method will only work for raisins, not urine. This is especially so with male rats who are determined to keep their cage well scented. You can try removing pee smells by using products like Nilodor or vanilla, but often it just makes them more determined to re-scent it.

Large Hi-Corner Litter Pan

Enclosed Large Hi-Corner Litter Pan is a giant version of our best selling original design It's perfect for rats and other pets. The Large Hi-Corner Litter Pan fits into large small animal cages and it can also be used outside the cage for pets that are fully "liberty" trained. The pan features a lid to help accommodate messy back-ups while also preventing messes and litter from scattering outside the cage. It is constructed of easy-to-clean stain and odor resistant plastic.

Of course, there's also those stubborn rats who simply will not use a tray no matter how hard you try. You just have to persist - after all, every raisin in the tray is one less you have to pick up later.

Rats are very intelligent, and will naturally try to keep their toilet area away from their food and sleeping areas. Find the corner of the cage that your rats usually go to the toilet, then place a tray filled with litter there. I use flat tupperware containers available from discount stores.

Remove all litter from the rest of the cage, or use a different bedding. It's essential that your rats can distinguish between the toilet area and the living area. e.g. Use Breeders Choice recycled paper pellets in the litter tray, and old towels and fabric strips elsewhere as bedding.

Potty Training Pearls - 4Lb

Potty training pearls can be used for pet rats, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and rabbits. Made from all natural non-toxic minerals. Super absorbent and 99% dust free.

Every time you see a few raisins (rat droppings) outside of the box, pick them up and place them in the litter box. This may take a while but it'll work. Your rats will get used to smelling the raisins in the box and will eventually realise that it is their toilet. Once your rats get used to using the kitty litter tray, you will only need to empty the tray each day and not the entire cage.

If your pet rat defecates where it shouldn't, lift the rat, and faeces, back into the litter tray and tell it gently, but firmly "No". If they go in the tray, praise them like crazy and give them their favourite treat. The rat will soon learn to visit the potty area if it needs to relieve itself.

Toilet / Potty / Litter Training and teaching your rats!

This also means that you can put a kitty litter tray down on the floor when you let your rats free-range. If they are familiar with using the tray, they will actually run across the room to use it, rather than making a mess on the carpet! I have seen one of my rats hop out of a hammock, walk down a ladder, across the cage, into the litter tray, use it, and then go back up to "bed". Rats hate mess. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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