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Pet Rats - Cute Pet Rat Videos

Videos of Cute Pet Rats!

There are so many pet rat lovers out there, and so many videos of their cute pet rats. This page will showcase a few of those videos...check them out below!

3 energetic pet rats clamouring for treats and kisses. Extremely cute! Watch how they jump for treats and hang on to their owner's hand

Extremely adorable pet rats running around and climbing all over their wire cage!

One of my favourite videos! A very calm and contented pet rat -- if you show your pet rats love and attention from the time they're young, they'll grow up to be really tame pet rats that will even fall asleep in your hand!

Another clip of a happy pet rat being stroked by its owner. You can tell that she's really contented!

I loved this clip! It shows an adorable pet rat eating spaghetti together with its owner on the dinner table.

This pet rat has a lovely and unique coat colour, almost like a husky dog, and is contentedly lying there as its owner scratches its head

Intelligent pet rats discovering water from a running tap.

2 pet rats exploring their owner's bed. Curious little fellas!

Curious pet rats exploring their room, climbing all over things and shelves. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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