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Pet Rats - Cute Pet Rat Videos

Videos of Cute Pet Rats!

There are so many pet rat lovers out there, and so many videos of their cute pet rats. This page will showcase a few of those videos...check them out below!

Following video is a clip of a pet rat doing "back-flips" in its cage, on its owner's command. Cute!

Pet rats shown fishing for ice cubes from a glass. They take turns to clamber into the glass and bite the ice cube and bring them back to their cage.

A cute pet rat jumping from a table to a couch to find its treats.

Pet rat in a bath tub swimming - amazingly cute!

A well-trained pet rat taking its food back to its cage and coming out for more.

Pet rats figuring out how to eat an egg. Adorable stuff!

2 hooded pet rats in a bath-tub swimming and sitting around -- they look so cute and definitely enjoying soaking in the water.

A pet rat actually chasing a cat! Funny!

Pet rat taught a trick - how to open a door on command! Awesome!

Pet rat trained to do an agility course - the pet rat jumps, walks on ropes and other obstacles. Goes to show how intelligent pet rats actually are! last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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