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Pet Rats - Why Choose Rats as Pets?

Why Rats as Pets?

Pet rats are truly domesticated animals that have been selectively bred in captivity for hundreds of generations. They are the same species as the wild brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, but have been selectively bred for looks and temperament for at least the last century and are now quite different in temperament from their ancestors.

Pet rats are as different from wild rats as dogs are from wolves. They are far less aggressive towards humans and rival rats, and display a number of behavioural differences from wild rats, which have been noted by researchers. They rarely bite and stay clean by grooming themselves like a cat several times a day.

Many people say if you want a dog, but haven't got the space, get a rat. Give me a rat over a dog any day, they are wonderful creatures!

Why Rats Are Better Than The Rest

Rats, you can't get a better pet...

Pet Rats Over Rabbits


Need a lot of room. They jump, scratch, and are hard to catch.

Pet Rats Over Fish


You won't be able to pet it, cleaning is a hassle with all the water, and you can't train them considering they only have a 3 second memory.

Pet Rats Over Cats


Yeah it's a beautiful animal if you want to play role reversal. It will own you, you will be its pet.

Pet Rats Over Dogs


Very noisy, dig holes, puppies need a lot of attention, must I say more?

Pet Rats Over Birds


Need room to fly, very noisy and once it learns to talk it won't shut up. Oh, and it can fly away.

Pet Rats Over Hamsters

Hamsters and Mice

Not as smart as rats, not as trainable and they are so small, they can get lost really easy!

So really, how can you not have a rat as a pet?

Don't get me wrong - I don't hate these animals, I do like them and I have owned a few of them throughout my life so far. But, in my opinion, I think pet rats are better.


Rats love to be petted. They enjoy being rubbed behind their ears or scratched on their shoulders. Some rats will roll over on their back so their owner can rub their tummy. Many rats will lick their owners to show affection just like a dog. Rats are extremely social and personable animals that bond strongly to their owners, and make playful, sensitive pets.


Rats are very intelligent - they can learn their name, tricks, commands, and even be litter trained. They are very clean animals that clean themselves similar to cats. Rats are loyal, gentle, fun, and playful. They are the least likely rodent to bite. Unlike hamsters that mostly tolerate their owners, rats enjoy and demand human attention.

Each rat is an individual with his or her own personality. Some rats are very intelligent (more intelligent than most dogs and cats!) but some rats aren't so smart, just like some other cats and dogs (and people.) But even these bumbling blockhead rats are affectionate and make adorable loving pets.


Pet Ratties

Rats are very playful and will wrestle with your hand the same way a kitten will. Rats will play games with their owners, including tug-o' war, hide-n-seek, and peek-a-boo.

Low-space, Nocturnal Pets

Rats make excellent pets for both children and adults for so many reasons. They are perfect for people who have limited space (Rats are perfect pets if you stay in an apartment!), and are relatively inexpensive to keep. Rats make good pets for older children, but it is important to buy your rats from a reputable breeder, who breeds good-natured rats.

Because rats are nocturnal animals, they are happy to sleep during the day while their owner is at work or school. Then they are ready to come out to play in the morning or evening. So rats are great for busy people as well, as long as you can spend at least 1/2 to 1 hour a day with your rats.

Pet Ratties

Fairly High Maintenance Though

In this aspect, rats are unlike many other rodents, because they are a fairly high maintenance pet. They need at least an hour's playtime outside their cage every day. Because they are much more intelligent than many other small animals, rats can suffer greatly if not given enough attention, free-range time, and environmental stimulation. While rats are extremely rewarding pets and will repay any attention and affection you give them a thousand fold, they may not be suitable for everyone; if you cannot guarantee to give your rats at least an hour of quality time every day, then perhaps a lower maintenance pet would be more suitable. last updated 1 Oct, 2017


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